Individual Therapy

People attend individual therapy to get help with issues that are challenging and affecting their lives. It can help with learning strategies, gaining insights, and overcoming obstacles. Some reasons for individual therapy are anxiety, depression, stress and trauma.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy focuses on the building of the health and vitality of relationships. It assists couples in understanding their problems that are affecting the relationship, resolve conflicts, improve communication and better understand overall their partner. Some reasons for couples therapy include rebuilding trust, restoring intimacy, infidelity.

Family Therapy

Family therapy considers all members of the family, their interconnectedness, and interaction the interaction between family members. It is about working with the family as a unit and helping to make change for each person and improving the relationship in the family system. Some reasons for family therapy include communication, sibling conflict, blended family

Premarital Counselling

Premarital counselling helps to prepare for marriage, identify and address potential areas of conflict that may arise in a relationship, address key issues such as communication, intimacy, and finances, as well as learn tools needed for building a strong and healthy relationship.

Christian Counselling

Christian counselling incorporates Christian beliefs and practices into counselling to improve mental health functioning from a faith-based perspective using scripture and biblical teachings while providing compassionate support.

Divorce Recovery

Divorce recovery helps people heal from the breakup of a divorce or separation so that they can process and accept their emotion, learn effective coping strategies, build resilience and confidence so they can move onward in their lives.

Prepared and Enrich Program

This is a couples therapy program for pre-marital and enrichment of your current relationship. It is an evidence-based assessment tool for improving couple satisfaction and equipping them in how to foster healthy relationships.

Pastoral and Clergy Care

We offer a unique Spiritually Modified Cognitive Behavior Therapy(S-M CBT) treatment for Clergy, Senior Pastors and Ministers who are experiencing burnout and other mental health needs requiring support. 

Practice Areas

Trauma (PTSD)
Low Self Esteem
Christian Counselling
Life Transitions
Intimacy Challenges
Life Conflict Resolution

Group Therapy Classes (coming soon)

Anger Management
Anxiety Management

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